Sertanejo Music: AKA The Best Music Genre Ever


For those of you who are not familiar with música sertaneja (the country music of Brazil), all I have to say is that you are SERIOUSLY missing out.  It’s pretty much all I listen to these days.

I think it’s really a shame that in the US (or other parts of the world), this sort of music is absolutely unheard of.  Michel Telo’s “Ai se eu te pego” is one example of a sertanejo song that actually became famous around the world.  And I think it’s the only one.  Although during the World Cup, I was pleasantly surprised to see/hear that there was one commercial here in the US that actually played one of my favorite sertanejo songs in the background (Luan Santana’s “balada tcha tcherere…” which you can listen to below..)!

The closest translation to sertanejo music is American country music – but these genres are still completely different! There is just no comparison here.

You’d think that you would hear this music all over in Brazil – but in Rio, I don’t think I ever heard this music – not once. In Rio, it’s all about samba – which I love as well.  But for dancing, personally, I much prefer sertanejo to samba. Sertanejo music is found almost exclusively in the countryside of Brazil – and the beat is incredibly catchy – and it often makes you want to “sair do chão” (get up) and dance!

When I went to Ouro Preto a few months ago, basically all I heard at the “rocks” (parties) there was sertanejo.  From then on, I was hooked.

My favorite artists are Fernando & Sorocaba, Hugo Pena & Gabriel, Luan Santana and Gusttavo Lima.  There are many individual sertanejo artists, but many also work in groups- if you see two artists paired together, in Brazil, that pretty much means that the music is sertanejo.

Dá uma ouvida (take a listen) to some of my favorite songs:


How can you NOT want to dance while listening to that song?

This one too…









And one of my favorite slow songs of sertanejo….



I could go on, but I will try to restrain myself. Are you hooked yet? If so, you should be able to find everything on spotify.  Happy sertanejo listening!



4 thoughts on “Sertanejo Music: AKA The Best Music Genre Ever

  1. Robert of Ottawa says:

    My first visit to Brasil was 5 years ago. My cleaning lady was visiting her husband to the East of Rio, in Araruama. She invited me. I thought, why not? I asked that we go during Carnival which we did.

    I was disappointed because clearly this was a private national affair, and I did not get the thing. Lots of music like this; everyone knew the words and sung along in a language I could not even read, let alone pronounce. What the heck was that squiggly thing over a vowel?

    But as they spoke, they sang! What a beautiful language!

    Also, now, I understand the music these people are singing.

    Apaixonado pelo Brasil

  2. Nara Cristina says:

    Hello 🙂
    My name is Nara and… I’m still leraning English, so I’ll speak in Portuguese, right? 🙂

    Eu AMEI tudo o que você escreveu, você é muito simpática e eu adoraria ser sua amiga daqui do Brasil ^-^ Obrigada por falar tão bem, com tanto carinho da nossa cultura. Um forte abraço a você! Tudo de bom pra você^^

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