Swear like a Brazilian


For many people, palavrões (swear words) are the first thing one wants to learn when learning a new language.  Well, Brazilian Portuguese has a lot of these, so prepare yourself…

Also, note that all of these terms are quite vulgar so be careful who you use them around – you certainly wouldn’t want to say any of these words around your boss! Take a look at the swear words that are most used in Brazil – and remember – proceed with caution!

filho de puta: son of a bitch (in informal writing, this is often shortened to “fdp”)

puta que pariu: fuck (literal translation? “whore that gave birth”…yeah, i know.)

porra: fuck

puta merda: fuck (literal translation: fuck shit.)

caralho: fuck (note: “caralho” can also mean “penis”)

pra caralho: a fucking lot/muito

Example: Vamos sair pra caralho. (We’re going to fucking party.)

pra cacete: a fucking lot/muito

Example: Nossa, ta chovendo pra cacete. (Wow, it’s raining fucking hard).

merda: shit

vai tomar no cu: go fuck yourself

vai se foder: go fuck yourself

fode-se: fuck it

que se foda: fuck it!

que se foda dele/dela: fuck him/her!



6 thoughts on “Swear like a Brazilian

  1. HAHAHA this is awesome. Until you learn these type of words, you don’t feel like you can really express yourself. At least in a lot of daily life situations. I’ll have to memorize these to supplement my vocabulary.


  2. Lucas Natan says:

    Eu achava que “vai tomar no cu” = fuck off…

    Ah, e algumas observações: caralho e puta merda podem ser usados em outros casos também. Geralmente quando tem alguma relação com surpresa, sempre dando mais ênfase. Por exemplo:

    – Vey, ficou sabendo que Carlinha tá grávida?
    – Caralho/puta merda… é sério mesmo?

    – Vey, não vou poder ir pra festa, minha namorada passou mal e eu tô com ela no hospital.
    – Puta merda/caralho cara, mas o que aconteceu? Ela tá melhor?

  3. Silvestre says:

    Hi, baby, just some notes:
    “Porra” has a literal translation: Cum
    And there is no any expression such “que se foda dele/dela” (it is not portuguese construction) – We say “que ela/ele se foda” (fuck her/him)

    • ted says:

      Acho que pode ser “Que se foda ele”, tipo “que se foda o que ele acha”.

      And one more note… It’s not fode-se, but foda-se

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