A little taste of Rio

Botafogo Bay

Botafogo Bay, Rio de Janeiro 

If you are looking for an inside look into the vibrantly diverse bairros of Rio, look no further. Airbnb.com provides a wide array of photos and tips of many of the neighborhoods (and no, I am not doing any sort of promotional activity for them!). Trust me: it’s a million times better than anything you could find on Google image…

Lists like “loved by cariocas,” “peace and quiet” and “nature,” allow you to filter your search to find the  neighborhood that best suits your desire.  From there, the highlights of that neighborhood are covered (and from a local’s perspective, not a tourist’s!) through the use of helpful dicas (tips) that accompany a myriad of stunning photographs.  Just take a look at the wealth of photos and information on just the Saint Theresa bairro.

I’ve never been to Rio, but already, the photos make me feel like I know the city. Personally, I’m already excited to explore the local-like wine bars of Jardim Botanico, the (more) secluded white-sand beaches of Barra da Tijuca, the lively and hip Ipanema, the jogging-friendly zone of Lagoathe art, music and throbbing nightlife of Lapa…just to name a few.  What about you?


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