The best marketing campaign ever

In August of 2012, Coca Cola in Brazil adapted an extremely clever marketing campaign from Australia, whereby the 150 most popular names of that country were chosen to customize the outside of bottles and cans.  Some of the Brazilian names include: Bruno, Pedro, Maria, Gisele and Leonardo.  And for those whose names were too rare to make the first cut? The next top 50 names will be elected by consumers themselves, by voting on the Facebook fan page.


While the main idea across the campaigns is essentially the same, Coca Cola Brazil has made sure to adapt it to the Brazilian consumers.  For instance, while Australia’s campaign uses regular Coke products, Brazil’s campaign relies on exclusively Coke Zero products.  Secondly, Australia’s campaign is more about connecting with old friends – their slogan is “Share a coke with [somebody’s name].”  They play around with this a lot, as well, plastering not only ordinary names on the products but also family members (such as “sis” and “dad”) and even Steve Jobs! Meanwhile, Brazil’s campaign is more about marking individuality; their slogan reads “Quanto mais _____[somebody’s name] melhor” or “the more ______, the better.” Check out the difference below:

the Brazilian can (ok busted, I chose this photo because it's the Brazilian version of my name...)

the Brazilian can (OK busted…of course I chose this photo. It is, after all, the Brazilian version of my name…)

the Australian can

the Australian can

This is a surefire way to amp up publicity and Facebook “likes.” Think of all of the people that will check out the Coca Cola Facebook page just so they can vote for their name! Not to mention all of the people that will buy a Coke just because it has their name on it…well done, Coca Cola.

Check out this hilarious video about the campaign:


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